Why Mobile Marketing Beats Email Marketing

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For years, email marketing has been one of the best ways to stay in contact with customers, and potential customers.  There is great power in being able to blast out an email about an event, product promotion or company update to instantaneously to a limitless number of people.

But, during the last few years, a new marketing medium has forced its way to the forefront – mobile marketing (marketing to cell phone users).  Let’s compare mobile and email marketing and I think you’ll agree with me that mobile marketing is something no serious marketer should ignore.

The basic premise of email and mobile marketing is the same – get a message out to a group of people who have opted in to your list.  The one big rule about building a list of people to contact is that they must choose and confirm the desire to be included in your list; otherwise any attempt by you to contact them would be considered spam.

The way the message is communicated to your list is the big difference between email and mobile marketing.  With email marketing, people are receiving emails; with mobile marketing, subscribers are receiving text messages directly to their mobile device.

So how does one go about building a list of subscribers?  Well, the most effective way to build your list is to entice people to join your list by offering something that they want.  That can be an exclusive discount or promotion, or a helpful and interesting report of some sort.  If you’re building an email list, you will have some form on your website for visitors to fill out to join your list and receive their free gift.

If you’re building a list of people for your mobile marketing campaign, people are added to it when they text a short code to a specific number.  For example, if you’re trying to build a mobile marketing list for your pizza joint, you could offer a 20% discount on your specialty pizza if one texts “discount pizza” to 555555.  Once they send that text, they will receive a confirmation text back, and then they are entered into your list.

The big advantage to list building for a mobile campaign is that the user can actively join your list from a variety of sources.  For example, back to our pizza example.  You can put a simple phrase, something like “for a free small pizza text ‘freepizza’ to 55555”, wherever you have access.  Put it on signage, on your delivery vehicles, on your website, on your menus, newspaper ads, on radio ads, etc.  That gets your message out to a huge number of people who will choose to join your list, who doesn’t want a free pizza!?

As your list builds, you will have a bigger and bigger pool of people who will be interested in other specials, deals and promotions you have to offer, and you can get the message out to them instantly whenever you want!  All it takes is one quick text message.

And think about this – how often do you NOT have your cell phone with you?  If you’re like most cell phone users, the answer to that question is “never”!  So, now you have a huge pool of people, who have their cell phones with them at times, who can receive a notification about your spur-of-the-moment “happy hour” at your pizza shop, no matter where they are or what they’re doing!

Compare that to your list of email subscribers, who will only see your email blast if they are at their computer.  Even though more and more people have the ability to check their email on their phone, the vast majority of email users still will only see their email when they are at home at your computer.  See the advantage?

Now, I’ve left the best thing about mobile marketing for last!  Do you know what an “open-rate”?  It is the word that describes the rate at which people in your list will open and read your message.  With email marketing, this rate is relatively low, around 40%.  That means that only 4 out of every 10 people on your list will ever see your email!  What do you think the open-rate of text messages is?  How about 97 percent!  Yes, every 9.7 people out of 10 on your mobile marketing list will open up and read your text message.  Pretty powerful numbers, huh?  That is why mobile marketing is THE form of constant contact marketing that you simply cannot ignore if you’re serious about marketing your business!

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