Boost Your Bottom Line

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Boost Your Bottom Line

Every day thousands of people are searching for what your business offers.  Are they finding your website?  Not unless it is listed at the top of search results.  Eighty percent of searchers don’t ever look past the first page of results! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what gets your site to the top of search results.  At Pinnacle Web Solutions, we specialize in best practice SEO that gets your website to the top of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing), and we keep it there!  Let us take your site to the top, and you’ll be amazed at how it revolutionizes your business.

Your Website Alone Will Not Get the Job Done

You may have the most well-done, captivating, sales-generating website in your industry, but it will do absolutely nothing for you if no one can find it!  Websites,no matter how well-constructed, will never get visitors when lost in the cyber abyss of pages 3-100 of search engine results.  Google, and the other major search engines, are very picky about who they choose to show on the first page.  This is where search engine optimization comes in.  It is the process of optimizing your website so that the search engines decide it is an excellent match for certain keywords, therefore listing it at the top of the results.

You Cannot Afford to Ignore Your Online Presence

Today, the Internet is the number one tool consumers use to find products and services. Four out of every five Internet users search online for services and products to buy.  Forget getting listed in the yellow pages, their most common use these days is as door stops!  And the effectiveness of radio, TV and billboard ads continues to decline.  Whether or not you want to admit it, the Internet is where people are turning to find everything they need.

Here’s another staggering statistic – the #1 search result listing grabs over 42% of search traffic, while the #2 result scrapes barely 12 percent!  If you’re not on the first page, you may as well not be listed at all, because no one is going to see your site.  All the while, your competition who has optimized their websites will be at the top, taking in all the new customers who find them online.

If you have a website and have been disappointed with the lack of traffic and resulting sales, it certainly is not because there are not enough people searching in your niche.  Trust me, they’re there, with credit cards in hand, ready to buy!  Your lack of website traffic is because you’re not listed high enough for the right keywords.

How Pinnacle Web Solutions Gets Your Site to the Top

Search Engine Optimization is not a guessing game.  There are defined steps of SEO that will get your site to the top of Google and the other search engines.  Getting to the top of the search engines is all about three main things - relevancy, popularity and stability.  We increase these three factors for your website, which in turn makes your site so attractive to Google that it can’t help but list it in the top results for your niche’s keywords.

Keyword and Key Phrase Analysis

The foundation of search engine optimization is sound keyword research.  The first thing we do is analyze keywords and phrases Internet users are using, in addition to geographic location keywords, and determine which are the most relevant to your business.  These keywords are what we will insert into your website’s tags, titles and content so the search engines will determine that your site is a good match for those search terms.

Link Building

This account for roughly 50 percent of the SEO campaign, as it is critical to your success.  We implement on-site link building strategies, as well as build one-way incoming links from other websites to your website.  This greatly improves the relevancy of your site for targeted search terms.

Website Coding

This is another important part of SEO, because your site must be easily accessed and read by the search engines.  This ensures the search engines will be able to index the content of each page, which shows them the relevancy of your site for our targeted keywords.

Analytical Software Implementation

If your website currently does not have analytical software installed to track and monitor visitor trends, we install and configure the software.  Also, we track and report your website’s search engine positioning and SEO data each month.  This ensures that you are seeing real and tangible results from your SEO campaign.

Monthly Maintenance

SEO is certainly not a “one and done” type of project, that can be walked away from.  It must be updated and added to on a regular basis to keep your ranking, and also to account for any changes in search engine algorithms (what determines website quality and relevance).  We update your project monthly, and also ensure that any new pages you add are included in our SEO implementation.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Management

This is used as a supplement to organic search engine optimization.  It involves creating small ads that are displayed in search engine results.  These are the “sponsored” listings you may notice at the very top and along the right hand side of search result pages.  This is a common way to bring “instant” traffic to your site.  Once you set up a PPC campaign, your ad begins running immediately, which can send a large influx of visitors to your website.  You bid on which keywords you want to trigger your ad, and pay a set amount each time someone clicks on your ad.  We do not recommend our clients use PPC as their sole source of website traffic, but it can be a very nice supplement to a solid organic search result campaign.

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