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Ever wanted to simply throw a switch and get floods of highly-qualified traffic to your website immediately?  Sure you have!  Traffic (website visitors) is the reason people have websites.  They do nothing but cost you time and money if no one ever visits!

Problem is, nowadays, you can have the best, most attractive, engaging website, and very few people will wander across it unless you have putting some serious time and energy into search engine optimization.  And SEO is a real pain in the behind to people who don’t know how to do it (that’s what companies like us are here for!).

The other bad part about SEO, besides being tedious, is that it can take a very long time to see results.  It can take months to get on the first page of Google for specific keywords, and who wants to wait that long!?

Enter, Pay-Per-Click advertising!  PPC advertising is a “magic” way to bring floods of website visitors directly to your website immediately.  I’m talking like, hundreds or thousands of visitors overnight!  Sounds interesting, huh?  It sure is!

PPC is a form of advertising that all the major search engines have displayed on their search result pages.  The search engines will give you a spot at top of the page or along the right-hand side of the page, as long as you’re willing to pay them for every visitor who clicks on your ad, hence the name, pay-per-click.

The most popular PPC program is Google’s Adwords program.  This advertising network will get you the most clicks (because many more people use Google than any other search engine) but is also the most expensive to use.  Here’s an overview of how Adwords works.

1. Sign up with Adwords. It is free to join, but you must include a credit card during the sign up process, or your ads will not go live.

2. Specify which keywords you want to trigger your ads to be displayed. You can be as broad or as specific as you want. “shoes” “men’s shoes” “men’s Nike tennis shoes” “red and black used tap dancing shoes” – whatever keywords you think are being typed by people most likely to buy what your service or product.

3. Set your Ad spend budget. The first part of this is your maximum cost per click you’re willing to pay.  The price for your ad to be displayed works like an auction.  A very competitive keyword like “how to make money online” is being bid on by many people trying to outbid each other to get the top spot, so the price per click will be much higher.  Alternatively, “Millersburg, Ohio nail salon” is a very specific keyword that will have fewer people bidding on it, so the price per click will be much less.

Prices can range anywhere from a couple cents per click, to upwards of $40 per click.  It all just depends on the competitiveness of the keyword.

The second part of your budget is your daily limit.  This sets the amount you’re willing to spend per day on clicks.  So if you are willing to spend $50 per day, you set that as your daily budget, and then once you’ve used up that amount, your ads will stop being displayed.

4. Write your ad. This is the final step to setting up your adwords campaign.  You write whatever you think will entice viewers to click on your ad.  As long as you stick within their ad writing guidelines, you can write whatever you want.

5.  Once you’ve chosen keywords, set your budget and written your ad, your PPC campaign is ready to roll! It will begin displaying your ads on the search results page within a few hours.

The thing you have to understand about PPC, is that it really is a two-edged sword.  It can be a terrific way to bring tons of highly-targeted leads to your business, but, if not used properly it can end up costing you a whole lot of money.  For example, if you choose too many keywords or the wrong kind of keywords, you may get a lot of clicks, but you won’t be getting any good leads or conversions.  Then all you’re left with is really big bill you owe Google!

Want to try the power of Google Adwords for your business?  We can set up and manage a Google Adwords campaign for you.  We know Adwords inside and out and optimize your campaign so you get the absolute most value for your advertising dollar.  In fact, we have $100 adwords vouchers for any new Adwords clients!  That gives you $100 worth of clicks without costing you a dime!

Contact us now to get your Adwords campaign rolling; you can be getting a flood of new website visitors by this time tomorrow!

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