About Us

Pinnacle Web Solutions is Chicago Internet marketing and SEO firm.  Our specialty is SEO (search engine optimization), but we also provide a wide range of other online marketing and seo services.  We do anything from creating and managing social media marketing campaigns, managing pay-per-click campaigns, to optimizing websites for maximum sale-conversion or lead-generation.  If it has to do with online marketing, we can handle it!

Pinnacle Web Solutions is a division of Sarah’s Source, LLC.

From the Owner…

Hi, my name is Zach Lee, and I’m the owner of Pinnacle Web Solutions.  For the past five years I’ve been immersed in the world of online marketing, specifically search engine optimization.  I’ve created and marketed numerous websites, ranging in function from retail sales to affiliate marketing.  I know what it takes to get a website to the top spot in the search engines and I love helping others achieve that goal.  Along with that, I enjoy being on the cutting edge in the ever-changing world of search engine optimization, and am always looking for innovative and effective marketing methods that get great results and keep me ahead of the competition.

When you choose Pinnacle Web Solutions for Internet marketing and SEO services, you can expect to work with me personally.  I will get to know your company, your website and your online goals very well, as that is the foundation of a successful online marketing campaign.  When you work with me, expect integrity, effective communication and solutions to all your SEO and online marketing needs!